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Workers' Compensation Safety Group Program Managers

Safety Group 568 - New York State Building Service Contractors' Trade Group

Safety Group 569 - New York State Medical Arts Trade Group

Safety Group 575 - New York State Veterinarians' Trade Group

Group 90 - General Pool

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Safety Group Programs and the Services that Innovative Risk Concepts, Inc. provides

What is a Safety Group?

A Safety Group is essentially a pool of safety conscious employers, in a related industry, who band together for the purpose of obtaining a more favorable premium for their Workers' Compensation Insurance. A Safety Group is overseen by an experienced Group Manager, such as Innovative Risk Concepts, Inc., who will offer specialized Risk Management Services to the Safety Group Members.

Can anyone enroll in a Safety Group?

No! Each Safety Group Program is focused on a particular industry or trade, so prospective Safety Group Members must belong to a specific Class Code in order to be considered elligible for a Safety Group. Furthermore, for the financial well-being of the Safety Group, prospective Safety Group Members must have a favorable loss experience rating and meet a minimum premium level requirement.

What happens if I do not qualify for a Safety Group Program?

If you are rejected from one of our Safety Group Programs for not meeting the minimum requirements at this time, Innovative Risk Concepts, Inc. can still manage your Workers' Compensation Policy. Through our General Group Management Program we are able to offer Policyholders who may not qualify for a Safety Group Program at this time with many helpful services. We will continue to work with you in order to try and place you in one of our Safety Group Programs in the future. 

Why are Safety Group Programs more attractive than other Workers' Compensation Insurance Programs?

Traditionally, Safety Group Programs outperform their competitors over the long haul. Our Safety Group Members have come to see that the longer they participate, the more successful they become at keeping their Workers' Compensation Insurance Premiums under control. In addition to receiving discounts and potential dividends*, Safety Group Members receive Risk Management and Loss Control services from their Safety Group Manager that they may not have received elsewhere.

What is expected of a Safety Group Member?

We encourage all of our Safety Group Members to provide their employees with a safe work environment. We strongly urge that all Safety Group Members comply with federal, state, and local health, employment, and safety regulations. To aid in these effort we have added Safety Tips, Safety Print-outs, and Safety Checklists to the Loss Control Information page on our website. Specific Rules and Regulations for each Safety Group can be found within their Policyholder Service Guide, located in the Client Service Center section of our website.

What is required to enroll in a Safety Group Program?

Every Safety Group Program has different minimum requirements in order to be considered to become a Safety Group Member. Innovative Risk Concepts, requires potential Safety Group Members have a specific Class Code and meet a minimum annual premium requirement, both of which vary depending upon the Safety Group Program they're interested in. Potential Safety Group Members are also required to have a favorable loss experience rating/history.

What is a Loss Experience Rating?

A Loss Experience Rating compares your Workers' Compensation Claims History to other employers within the state that are of the same industry and of a similar size. The Loss Experience Rating represents either a credit or debit that is applied to your Workers' Compensation Premium. A Loss Experience Rating may also be referred to as a Mod, Mod Rating, or Experience Rating.

Will the losses of other Safety Group Members affect my loss experience rating?

No! Each Safety Group Member maintains their own loss experience rating, also known as a Mod Rating. Losses of the entire Safety Group can only impact the Safety Group Advanced Premium Discount or the production of a Dividend*. For this reason, Innovative Risk Concepts is always selective on membership and encourage safe work practices and environments.

How do I get a Certificate of Insurance?

You are able to request a Certificate of Insurance directly through our website by completing the Request a Certificate of Insurance Form found in the Client Service Center, or you can contact an Innovative Risk Concepts Representative by calling our Toll-Free Number. Alternately, you may also request a Certificate of Insurance via the NYSIF website.

Will I receive a charge back if the Safety Group suffers a bad year with losses?

No! All Safety Group Member policies are Guaranteed Cost Policies. This means that the premium paid for a given year is all that the Safety Group Member will be responsible for. Since there are no "joint and several" liability issues, Safety Group Members can not be assessed additional premiums in the future for past losses.

Is there a fee for Innovative Risk Concepts' services?

Yes. As Safety Group Managers, Innovative Risk Concepts, Inc. does not receive any type of commission or payment from NYSIF for the policies placed within the Safety Group Programs. Therefore, we charge an Annual Service Fee to all Policyholders based on a percentage of their premium. This fee, and it's method of calculation, are strictly regulated by NYSIF. In addition, for Policyholders who take advantage of our OSHA Recordkeeping Services, they will receive an annual bill at the beginning of the calendar year.

How do I make a change to my Workers' Compensation Policy?

Innovative Risk Concepts' Underwriting Department will be able to assist with any changes that you may need to make to your Workers' Compensation Policy in the future. These changes can range from submitting a change in payroll, change of address, adding an entity, or excluding an officer from the policy. While some of these changes can be submitted in writing on company letterhead, other changes will require the proper Underwriting Forms be completed. These forms can be found in the Client Service Center section of our website on the Underwriting Forms page.

How do I file a Workers' Compensation Claim if one of my Employees is injured on the job?

Using NYSIF's eFroi you will be able to electronically submit a Workers' Compensation Claim 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Once a claim is submitted using eFroi it will automatically be sent to both NYSIF and the New York State Workers' Compensation Board. Subsequently you will need to file additional forms, which can be found in the Client Service Center section of our website, for events such as a change in employment status for the injured worker or a change in wage earnings for the injured worker. For assistance with filing a claim, you may contact an Innovative Risk Concepts Claims Department Representative by calling our Toll-Free Number during business hours.

Do you recommend anyone who can write my other lines of business insurance?

Innovative Risk Concepts, Inc. is a part of the IROC Family of Companies, which also includes IRC Group Services, Inc. and CompSearch, Inc. IRC Group Services, Inc. can provide your business with affordable insurance coverage for everything ranging from Short-Term Disability to Business Owner Policies to Employee Benefit Packages to Commercial Property and Auto. To find out more about IRC Group Services, Inc. and the products they offer you may visit their website.

Have a question regarding New York Workers' Compensation Insurance or Safety Group Programs and don't see it here? Please contact an Innovative Risk Concepts Representative by calling our Toll-Free Number 1-800-652-2015!