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Workers' Compensation Safety Group Program Managers

Safety Group 568 - New York State Building Service Contractors' Trade Group

Safety Group 569 - New York State Medical Arts Trade Group

Safety Group 575 - New York State Veterinarians' Trade Group

Group 90 - General Pool

OSHA Recordkeeping Services

By request, Innovative Risk Concepts, Inc. will provide your business with a First Report of Injury and OSHA Recordkeeping Service through our Single Report of Injury System (SROIS). This service is exclusively available through Innovative Risk Concepts, and is not included in your Workers' Compensation Insurance Policy through the New York State Insurance Fund.

OSHA Recordkeeping Services Include:
  • Maintaining OSHA Logs
  • Updating OSHA Logs Based on the Information You Provide
  • Generating Mid-Year and Year-End OSHA 300 Logs and OSHA 300A Summary
  • Generating and Transmitting OSHA 301 Reports,OSHA 300 Logs, and 300A Summaries to Comply with OSHA Recordkeeping Inspections
Many employers are required to keep and maintain OSHA records of workplace injuries and illnesses by utilizing specific OSHA forms and timetables. In some instances, employers who are not required to maintain these records, may still wish to do so in the event that they are asked by OSHA to participate in an annual survey. Regardless, these forms and timetables can be confusing and burdensome to complete, which is why the experts at Innovative Risk Concepts, Inc. will do it for you!