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New York State Workers' Compensation Safety Group Managers


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Workers' Compensation Safety Group Program Managers

Safety Group 568 - New York State Building Service Contractors' Trade Group

Safety Group 569 - New York State Medical Arts Trade Group

Safety Group 575 - New York State Veterinarians' Trade Group

Group 90 - General Pool

Safety Group Member Benefits and Services

Safety Groups 568, 569, and 575 are all managed exclusively by Innovative Risk Concepts, Inc. while being underwritten and fully insured by the New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF). Safety Group Members will never be assessed for additional premiums beyond their earned premiums for a given policy period, making our Safety Group Programs truly safe for the employer, both from a financial and an insurance standpoint.

When you become a Safety Group Member with Innovative Risk Concepts, Inc. you will enjoy an array of benefits, including:

Aggressive Advanced Premium Discounts
The Opportunity to Receive a Year-End Dividend* as Earned by the Safety Group
A Common Anniversary Date for Group Accounting Purposes
Immediate Certificates of Insurance
Premium Audit Resolution
Loss Experience Rating Reviews
Assistance with Code Rule 59 by our In-House NYSDOL Certified Consultant
Loss Control and Loss Source Analysis
Policy Reviews as Prepared and Presented by our Safety Group Manager Specialists
Assistance with Claims Reporting Procedures
Guaranteed Cost Policies